Learn why Engage with® exists today & what inspired our Founder

Our Founder's Story

Our Message to every Participant of the Engage with® Skills Training Programs

This training was developed for you, from your perspective. We know your time is valuable and you may be reluctant to commit it to training. But this training is different . . . it is skills-based, interactive, engaging, practical and focuses on the things you do and use every day. By the end of this skills training, you will learn and refine skills that will help make your job a little easier, a little less stressful, and a little more rewarding. 

Learn what inspired Stephen Goldberg, MD to create Engage with® Skills Training Programs

The Engage with® Skills Trainings concept was created to develop specialized competencies to work with specific populations. The first of the Engage with® modules, Engage with® Older Adults, was developed out of a sense of desperation and necessity. After a lifetime of professional experiences, I found myself helpless as I watched my mother suffer the ravages of cancer and the seemingly worse after-effects from the treatments that were supposed to help her. The radiation she received to her brain caused her to become a person I no longer recognized; obstinate, aggressive and resistant to care. One day while visiting her at a rehab facility, I witnessed fist-hand her behavior and the direct impact it had on her care worker. I was mortified by what she had done, but all I could do was apologize and explain that she was never that way before the radiation. Later, I reflected upon what it must be like for that care worker, and all the other care providers, who regularly deal with harsh and abusive treatment and still perform their job duties day after day. I decided to focus my efforts on developing a skills training that comes from the perspective of the care worker and is intended to make their day to day job easier, more fulfilling, and help them stay in the field longer.