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Frequently Asked Questions

The Engage with® Older Adults at home program is intended for those that partner in care with older adults who are aging in place. This includes Home Health Aides and other Home Care Workers as well as family members and loved ones who want to learn how to interact more effectively with the older adults with whom they partner in care.  Engage with® Older Adults at home can be purchased as part of an employee sponsored training program or by the individual care provider.

The Engage with Older Adults training program can be purchased as part of a customized training package at the organization or facility level. As employer sponsored training, there is no direct cost to the individual staff members participating in the training.

The Engage with Older Adults at home training program can be purchased directly by an individual care giver or small group for $95.95 per seat.

Our program is affordable, flexible and scalable. Connect with us and we would be happy to share the pricing structure with you, but spoiler alert – we are pretty sure it’s less that what our competition costs and we are offering significantly more. Also, Engage with®  Skills Training Programs offers flexible pricing. Whether you prefer a low-cost subscription-based service to provide training throughout the calendar year, or a bespoke training experience built around your care center’s unique scheduling needs – you’ll find that we have a pricing model that fits your budget and your staff’s needs.

Registration for all training programs closes 48-hours prior to each scheduled training date. If you need to make changes to your training schedule, please email

Participants in an employer-sponsored program are able to complete the training at no cost to them. Individual refunds will not be issued to participants whose employer has paid for their training.

Participants who have paid their own registration fee may request a refund within 48 hours prior to the start of the training session by emailing

If you need to cancel or reschedule your training, please use the reschedule link provided in your confirmation email. If you need further support, please contact

You do not need any special equipment or downloads to complete the course. You will join the training through a web link that is emailed to you after registration.

The program is designed to run through a web browser on a desktop computer, laptop, or tablet with external keyboard (i.e. Chromebook). You must have an internet connection capable of streaming video.

As this is a live training session, you will need to have speakers (either built-in or external to your computer). We also recommend a headset or microphone for easier communication with the instructor and other participants.

No, unfortunately the training platform is not mobile friendly.

Participation is required during this live, virtual, instructor-led course. To receive credit for a course, participants must be logged in for the full session (approximately 130 minutes). In addition, participants must respond to onscreen “touchpoints” (quizzes, open response questions, etc.) throughout the course.

Credit is awarded to participants who are logged into the full session and who answer at least 70% of the total touchpoints, broken into hourly requirements. We also require participants to respond correctly to 50% of the “obvious answer” questions.  We encourage participants to respond to 100% of the touchpoints as able.

After successful completion of  the two-part, four hour Core Skills training participants will receive a “Core Skills Certification” certificate by email.

After successful completion of any two hour Supplement training participants will receive a certificate of completion by email.

If a participant successfully completes the Core Skills Certification and all five supplements, they will receive an “Advanced Certification” certification by email.

Upon successful completion of all four hours of the Core Skills course (including the two-hour Part 1 and the two-hour Part 2) participants will receive an email with their “Core Skills Certification” certificate of completion and the course Training Summary and Reference Guide. This email will be received within 2 weeks of the training session.

Upon successful completion of any of the five options 2-hour supplements training participants will receive an email with their certificate of completion and the course Training Summary and Reference Guide.

Upon successful completion of any the Core Skills Certification and all five supplement trainings participants will receive an email with their “Advanced Certification” certificate of completion.

Please email to request accommodations for the training.

The Engage with Older Adults training is organized into a four-hour Core Skills training that can be broken up  into two 2-hour sessions. Engage with Skills Trainings also offers five optional 2-hour supplements.

All of the training occurs online through a web browser at our virtual training facility. There are no downloads or special equipment needed to participate.

Depending on the training package selected, your staff can take as many or as few of the supplements as their job function  requires – you have complete flexibility.

From start to finish, our training programs are led by a licensed mental health professional who is a talented and experienced teacher with a strong clinical background. There is no self-directed pre-work or homework to worry about or track—just a self-contained, immersive online experience that will have you eager to return for more.

Engage with® Older Adults is a skills-based program that focuses on interactions between and amongst older adults and their partners in care. Topics covered include behavioral health, impacts of drugs and alcohol, suicide risk factors, dementia and how to avoid and/or respond to unpredictable or aggressive behavior with respectful and purposeful communication. In addition, the important concepts of normal aging, culture, stigma, and the preservation of ego are central to the training.

Others in the space have online training with sound and graphics, some even have role playing cartoon characters, but nothing compares to the fully immersive virtual training environment offered by the Engage with® virtual LTC Training Center. Developed in a partnership with an award-winning gaming company, the look and feel of our user interface is like nothing you have ever seen. Reach out to us and to schedule a no-pressure demo and see for yourself.

Our first Engage with® Skill Training Program, Engage with Older Adults has a solid evidence base. The University of Maryland revealed that the training lowered staff turnover, improved staff satisfaction and created positive changes in behavior related to staff interactions with older adults.

Engage with® Skills Training Programs, #1809, is approved to offer social work continuing education by the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB) Approved Continuing Education (ACE) program. Organizations, not individual courses, are approved as ACE providers. State and provincial regulatory boards have the final authority to determine whether an individual course may be accepted for continuing education credit. Engage with Skills Training Programs maintains responsibility for this course. ACE provider approval period: 05/04/2022 – 05/04/2023.

Social workers completing the Core Skills: What Everyone Needs to Know course receive 3.75 continuing education credits. Social Workers completing any supplement course (i.e. Responding to Mental Health Issues) receive 1.75 continuing education credits.