What sets Engage with® apart from other skills training programs

How We Are Different

What makes us different is what makes our skills training programs better…

Fully Immersive Digital Environment

Fully Immersive Digital Environment

Fully immersive environment using an innovative, multi-user gamification approach to live virtual training. This includes videos, quizzes, games and small group interactions, all designed to inform and engage using real-time interaction.


Engage with® Skills Trainings have a proven, evidence-base and verified efficacy. Three independent evaluations over five years in three different states have shown lowered staff turnover, decreased use of PRN (as-needed) medications, improved customer service ratings, and increased reports of residents feeling more respected and listened to by staff.

Live instruction by Licensed Clinical Instructors

Live Instruction by Licensed Clinical Instructors

From start to finish, Engage with® Skills Trainings are led by licensed professionals who are experienced and talented teachers with strong clinical backgrounds. There is no self-directed pre-work or homework to worry about or track—just a self-contained, immersive online experience.

On-Demand Training

Flexible Training Options

Many training programs require organizations to either train their own instructors first who then in turn train staff, or require staff to complete self-directed, passive training experiences. Engage with® Skills Trainings offers live, interactive, low cost a la carte or subscription training packages so you can train as few or as many staff as you wish, when you wish.

Certification from Mental Health Association of Maryland (MHAMD)

Certification from Mental Health Association of Maryland (MHAMD)

MHAMD is a 100-year-old nonprofit agency that offers a Core Certification to those who successfully complete the 4-hour Core Skills training and an Advanced Certification to those who complete the full 14-hour training program.

Core training with topic specific supplements

Core training with topic specific supplements

Engage with® Skills Trainings consists of a 4-hour Core Skills Training that covers “what everyone needs to know,” plus five additional 2-hour supplements that go deeper into key areas, for a total of 14 hours of training available.

Training Designed to Meet Your Center's Needs

All participants start with the 4-hour Core Skills Training and can then add any combination of the five available 2-hour Supplements.
Multi-colored circular shaped Training Schematic that shows how the Core Skills Training can stand alone and is also the foundation for the 5 available supplements.


How our Skills Training Program is Uniquely Different than other workforce training programs on the market today.

No Technology Skills or Equipment Required—No Special Equipment Needed, Nothing to Download, Easy-to-Use for Everyone!

Our virtual skills training is accessible anywhere with an Internet connection and a device with a keyboard​. There's no special equipment needed or clunky software to download—accessing our virtual training center is as easy as clicking a button!

An Immersive, Digital World of Learning

Our virtual learning platform transports your staff into an immersive digital world of learning where their personalized avatar connects with other real student avatars and a live, licensed clinical instructor in real-time. This makes for a truly enticing experience for your staff to learn, breaking down barriers often found with traditional learning environments.

Live, Licensed Clinical Instructor

Our virtual skills training is led by a live, licensed clinical instructor to guide the staff in both group learning and peer-to-peer discussions.

Live Training, In Real-time—Always

You'll never attend a one-size-fits-all pre-recorded training with us. We find staff learn better when they can ask questions and engage with peers in an environment that welcomes discussion and sharing perspectives. Our skills training is in real-time, instructor led, with peer-to-peer interactions.

Affordable training options

We offer low cost a la carte or subscription training packages. Our flexible pricing models are one of the most affordable skills training programs on the market—and we’re able to keep it that way because we’re a nonprofit organization invested in helping you effectively train your workforce and solve staffing shortage challenges.

It’s an immersive, virtual learning experience that participants access from the comfort of any device with an Internet connection

Unlike traditional skills training programs, our evidence-based program is delivered to you virtually by a Licensed Clinical Instructor.


“Traveling throughout the different rooms and scenarios kept the training fun and interactive.”

Jenni, Program Participant

Personalize your avatar as you immerse yourself in the virtual learning center of Engage with®

Explore the virtual learning world and engage with peers and live, certified instructors using an avatar that's uniquely personalized to you. This experience is truly immersive and unlike anything you've ever experienced before!

Participants Connect & Learn Alongside Peers that are Experiencing Similar Challenges

With the Engage with® Skills Training Program, participants are transported into a virtual training center where they can connect and learn alongside of their peers who are experiencing similar challenges.


“Thank you for teaching me skills that are used in ALL of my relationships and interactions.”

Aniyah, Program Participant