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Participants Register for Training Online

Participants register via the Engage with® online training portal, and receive a link to enter the training environment.


Customize Your Student Avatar

Once the participants are signed into the live training center, they are invited to personalize their student avatar to match how they most closely identify. This is recommended, but not required to fully participate in the training program.


Explore Our Virtual Training Center

The Engage with® Skills Training world is an immersive, virtual world designed to connect you with other live participants. Although not required to fully participate in the skills training program, participants are encouraged to explore their environment and to take advantage of designated areas to meet other live student avatars, like the visiting area and main lobby. 


Interact with Other Students

In the Engage with® Skills Training Center you will be able to interact with other student avatars as well as the instructor. While not required, interaction with others can make the training experience more engaging and fun.


Choose Your Own Seat in our Virtual Auditorium

When the virtual training starts, student avatars make their way to our auditorium where they can choose their own seat. In the auditorium, participants will interact with a live, certified instructor. 

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What is Engage with® Skills Trainings?

Engage with® Skills Trainings are highly interactive, comprehensive skills-based trainings.

Take a virtual tour of our immersive, interactive world of skills training and learn why long-term care facilities trust our evidence-based training to help them tackle their workforce challenges.