Learn why there is a need for Engage with®

Why There is a Need

Elder Care workforce training is a necessity if you are going to stay competitive, compliant and relevant.

High Staff Turnover

Skill deficits result in poor performance and quality, but also in higher turnover. Before the pandemic most decision-makers were looking to online training solutions to minimize costs and leverage content. Now we have no choice—we must respond to our new normal, because no matter what happens next month or next year, the world will never be the same.

Our Founder's Message to every Participant of the Engage with® Skills Training Programs

This training was developed for you, from your perspective, the care provider/family member/committed partner, not from the perspective of the older adult with whom you are partnering in care. I know your time is valuable and you may be reluctant to commit it to training. But this training is different . . . it is skills-based, interactive, engaging, practical and focuses on the things you do and use every day. By the end of this skills training, you will learn and refine skills that will help make your job a little easier, a little less stressful, and a little more rewarding. Won’t that be worth your time?

Stephen Goldberg, MD