A Game-Changer in Caregiving: Engage with® Skills Training Programs Launches Virtual Solution

The landscape of caregiving is about to change dramatically, thanks to the innovative efforts of Engage with® Skills Training Programs. This national non-profit initiative of the Mental Health Association of Maryland has rolled out a virtual skills training program that’s set to revolutionize the way caregivers are trained.

The Engage with® Older Adults at home skills training program is a live, virtual training experience that was once exclusively available to professionals in long-term care facilities. Now, it’s been reimagined and repackaged as an “at home” training curriculum, accessible to anyone with an internet connection and a device capable of streaming video. The training is split into two manageable 2-hour sessions, designed to be user-friendly, even for those with basic computer skills.

This program is a game-changer for family members, friends, and professional caregivers, providing them with the opportunity to develop and refine the skills necessary to care for and effectively support elderly parents and older adults aging in place. The skills taught in this live, instructor-led, virtual training can empower caregivers to provide better support and care, reduce resistance to care, and positively impact challenging interpersonal dynamics.

The virtual skills training is delivered in real time by a licensed mental health professional. The training is practical, interactive, and focuses on critical topics such as demonstrating respect, reducing the impact of stigma, effective communication, engaging in meaningful ways, identifying suicide risk factors, and de-escalation.

Stephen B. Goldberg, MD, Engage with Skills Training Program’s Medical Director, and developer of the Engage with concept, said, “Our mission is to improve the lives of older adults and those who support them. The elder care workforce shortage is a growing crisis that will affect us all. We must find ways to support the growing population of older adults. Our team has risen to the challenge by completing the conversion of our nationally recognized skills training program ahead of schedule, at a time when it is needed the most.

Engage with® Skills Training Programs are known for their innovative gamification approach in a virtual environment. The skills trainings have a behavioral health focus and cover a wide range of topics such as mental health conditions, substance use and medication misuse, neurocognitive disorders, traumatic brain injury (TBI), aggression and de-escalation, as well as suicide risk identification.

The Mental Health Association of Maryland (MHAMD), the parent organization of Engage with® Skills Training Programs, is a volunteer, non-profit organization that brings together consumers, families, professionals, advocates, and concerned citizens for unified action in all aspects of mental health and mental illness.

In a nutshell, the launch of the Engage with® Older Adults at home Skills training program is a significant milestone in the field of caregiving. By providing accessible and practical skills training, this program aims to reduce caregiver burnout and improve the quality of care for older adults aging in place. This is a giant leap forward in ensuring that caregivers are equipped with the skills they need to provide the best possible care.

Want to learn more about this program? Explore the Engage with® Older Adults at home skills training program online by visiting https://engagewith.org/our-products/older-adults-at-home. You can also read the full Press Release here.


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