Engage with® Reflects on a Milestone Presentation at LeadingAge 2023

At Engage with®, we’re still buzzing from the exhilarating experience at the LeadingAge 2023 Annual Meeting, held in the vibrant city of Chicago at McCormick Place from November 5-8, 2023. It was our honor to have Amanda Krisher, LCSW-C, our esteemed Senior Director, share her expertise in a presentation that resonated deeply with over 100 long-term care leaders.

The session, titled “Evidence-Based Workforce Training: A Tool to Tackle Turnover,” held on November 6th, was a proud moment for our team. Amanda, alongside Coley Rainbolt, a Nursing Home Administrator at Wind Crest, showcased the transformative power of our evidence-based workforce training programs through sharing Wind Crest’s long-term outcomes and inspiring success stories.

Highlights That Made Us Proud:

  1. Impressive Outcomes: Amanda’s presentation highlighted the compelling results from three independent studies, focusing on the impressive outcomes in Colorado. Additionally, during this presentation, Coley shared with participants that an astounding 78% of Wind Crest trained staff members remained employed for over a year post-training, a testament to the effectiveness of the Engage with® Skills Training programs.
  2. Setting Industry Standards: The success story of Wind Crest, with its remarkably low vacancy rate, was a highlight. This accomplishment is a direct reflection of the positive impact of our training methodologies in real-world settings.
  3. Empowering Tools for the Industry: We were thrilled to introduce LeadingAge conference participants to our free membership workforce toolkit during the session. This toolkit, featuring a turnover cost calculator, CMS-created surveys, competency assessments, and a resource library, is our contribution to empowering long-term care leaders across the nation tackling turnover.
  4. Extending Our Support: The session concluded with an invitation to explore more about our training outcomes and opportunities. We’re always here to support organizations who engage with and/or support older adults to enhance their workforce training strategies.

Our heartfelt gratitude goes to the organizers and supporters of LeadingAge 2023 for providing us with this platform. Having Amanda represent Engage with® was not only an honor but also an opportunity to connect with and contribute to the broader community of long-term care professionals.

We left the event inspired and motivated, knowing that our efforts in workforce training are making a real difference. The conversations we had, the connections we made, and the feedback we received have been invaluable.

At Engage with®, we remain committed to advancing workforce training in long-term care. We believe that our methods can significantly reduce turnover rates and improve staff satisfaction, ultimately leading to better care for residents. The LeadingAge 2023 Annual Meeting was a significant milestone in our journey, and we’re excited about the future as we continue to innovate and support those we care for and engage with older adults at every stage of their aging journey.


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