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Engage with® Older Adults Initiative and Maryland Department of Aging Unite to Launch No-Cost Skills Training Program

October 24, 2023

Engage with® Older Adults Initiative Partners with Maryland Department of Aging to Launch Skills Training Program for Older Adult Care Professionals

BALTIMORE, MD, USA, October 24, 2023 — Engage with® Skills Training Programs, a nonprofit initiative of the Mental Health Association of Maryland (MHAMD), is proud to announce a collaborative partnership with the Maryland Department of Aging. The joint venture aims to prepare professionals who are supporting older adults as they age within their Maryland community through our specialized skills training program. This is a component of the Department’s initiative to help Maryland be a Longevity Ready State.

“We look forward to making a meaningful impact on the quality of older adult care in Maryland as we support staff with new skills, reduce stress on the job and decrease turnover among direct care staff.”

Linda Raines, MHAMD CEO

Offered in a unique, immersive, and interactive virtual world, the program provides critical training that will help employers retain their workforce while improving the skills of service providers. “As a nonprofit organization deeply committed to improving the lives of older adults and their partners in care, we are thrilled to collaborate with the Maryland Department of Aging on this groundbreaking initiative,” said Amanda Krisher, LCSW-C, Senior Director of Engage with® Skills Training Programs. “Our program is meticulously crafted to allow attendees the opportunity to learn and refine skills related to empathy, respect, and communication through games, activities, and discussion. Independent evaluations have demonstrated reduced staff turnover, impact on PRN medication use, increased employee customer service and older adults feeling more respected and listened to.

The Engage with® Skills Training Program will offer a comprehensive suite of training modules, including:

• Core Skills: What Everyone Needs to Know: Designed to help participants build strong relationships with older adults through empathy, respect, and communication.

• Responding to Mental Health Issues: Providing actionable tools and strategies to effectively respond to mental health issues when interacting with older adults in the community.

• Navigating Dementia and Traumatic Brain Injury: A specialized module offering evidence-based strategies for managing complex health conditions impacting older adults.

• Partnering in Care: Aimed at strengthening the relationships between older adults, their community, and their partners in care.

By focusing on developing empathy, respect, and effective communication, participants can establish stronger relationships as they assist older adults aging in the community. This program was created to assist government agencies, social service providers, homecare agencies, adult day services, call centers, and others to train their staff in the skills needed to better engage with the older adults they serve. For more information about the Engage with® Skills Training Program or to enroll, interested parties are encouraged to email or visit

“We look forward to making a meaningful impact on the quality of older adult care in Maryland through this partnership as we support staff with new skills, reduce stress on the job and decrease turnover among direct care staff,” added Linda Raines, MHAMD CEO. “Together, we can create a more supportive and engaging environment for our older adults aging in the community.”

About Engage with® Skills Training Programs
Engage with® Skills Training Programs is a nonprofit initiative on a mission to help improve the lives of older adults and their partners in care by developing the skills necessary to work with, care for, and support older adults during all phases of the aging process. Our skills focus on fostering relationships built on empathy, respect, and effective communication.

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