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We are a nonprofit initiative on a mission to help improve continuity of care for older adults by positively impacting the work experience for the eldercare workforce and reducing turnover in long-term care facilities.  One of the ways we do this is by helping staff develop the skills necessary to work with, care for and/or support older adults during all phases of the aging process. Learn how our Engage with™ Older Adults Skills Training Program is reducing staff turnover by up to 40% in long-term care facilities—Request a FREE demo

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Nurse Wellness: Preventing Staff Turnover, Improving Care

Keri Boye May 17, 2021

Nurses are highly susceptible to burnout due to the high care levels they are required to provide. How can nurse wellness prevent staff turnover? Find out in this exclusive article.

A Guide to Reducing Staff Turnover and Improving Staff Wellness in Long-Term Care Facilities

Keri Boye April 12, 2021

The healthcare industry is experiencing a turnover crisis. Learn more in this guide to reducing staff turnover and improving staff wellness in long-term care facilities.